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About Me

I am a qualified Person Centred/Integrative Counsellor and in 2013 I discovered the Havening Techniques (created by Dr Ronald Ruden MD PhD and co-developer Dr Steven Ruden DDS both pictured here with me below).  I have used this incredible therapy extensively on myself and it has completely changed my life.  I am now a seasoned Havening Practitioner and International Accredited Havening Trainer and I am passionate about spreading awareness so that all can benefit.  I have experienced excellent results with a wide range of issues and have been able to help many clients emotionally detach from traumatic memories, sometimes decades old!

Some of the issues I work with
Past Trauma,  Phobias,  Bereavement / Loss,  Anxiety,  Stress,  Panic Attacks, PTSD,  Low Self Esteem,  Confidence Issues,  Pathological Emotions (guilt, shame, jealousy), Depression,  Relationships, Personal Development,  Life Transitions, Unexplained Chronic Pain and Stress Related Illness


Click here to see my video interview with Dr Toh Wong.

One of the things I relieved myself from on my own personal Havening journey was a long standing fear of heights.  I jumped off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas just to test it out, see for yourself in this video.


Certificatied Havening Techniques Practitioner/Trainer.                  
Level 4 Diploma in Person Centred/Integrative Counselling.                              
Certificate Introduction to Inner Child Work.
Belief Change Practitioner.

Louise McKay with Dr Ron Ruden and his brother Dr Steven Ruden

Louise McKay is a Certified Practitioner and Trainer of Havening Techniques.  Havening Techniques is a registered trademark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.

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