Accredited Havening Techniques Training Opportunities

With Trainer: Louise McKay 

Former Head of UK and Europe for Havening.


Book Stage 1 and 2 Together and Save £100!

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For therapists and professionals working in mental health, well being, coaching, personal development, first response, etc, who wish to learn about the Havening Techniques. 


Due to Covid 19, the training is currently being offered in a "Live Online" format. 

It counts as Stage 1 of a two-stage process for those wishing to

continue their journey towards becoming a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner. 


The training (Stage 1) is currently also open to members of the public

interested in learning more about the Havening Techniques for personal use.


If you would like to book a place on one of the available courses below, please complete

the form on this page.  Louise will respond to you using the email address you provide.


Complete an online training with Louise McKay and attend a scheduled 'in person' training in Northern Ireland with her for

FREE up until the end of 2022

8th, 9th, 10th and 11th February 2021: Live Online Training - 4 Modules each from 2pm - 6.30pm (UK time) each day.  That's 9am - 1.30pm ET in the US.

22nd, 23rd, 25th and 26th March 2021: Live Online Training - 4 Modules from 9am to 1.30pm (UK time) each day.


For the Northern Ireland trainings we have a dedicated Training Room at

our home in the Sperrins, County Tyrone. 


Places are limited to a handful of participants on each course so we have

time to give each person individual support.  This affords the greatest

opportunity for learning and development.

Small group trainings give you the space to ask more questions, be heard

and have the confidence to move forward with what you have learned.

  • All trainings are a balance of the neuroscience and theory that underpins the technique with lots of opportunity for practical experience (via virtual breakout rooms if online).

  • All course materials are included via an online format.

  • Refreshments will be supplied both days during live trainings (lunch not provided).

  • Places limited to enhance your learning experience.

  • See previous delegate's comments at the bottom of the page.


Stage 1 - £645

Stage 2 (must have completed Stage 1) £399 

Stage 1 & 2 Combined - £944 (Save £100!)

Returner Special Offer Price - £25(must have already attended one Accredited HT Training)  

If booking Stage 1 and 2 combined, please include details of your profession within the area of mental health, well being, personal development, etc, to ensure your acceptance for Stage 2 (Assessment for Certification). 

Stage Two - Assessment to become a certified practitioner, for more information please go to the "Become a Certified Practitioner" page.  The assessment is conducted online directly with me as your Mentor.  We have a closed Facebook group page where you can speak with the Doctors that developed the Havening Techniques, Trainers and Accredited Practitioners from around the world while you work on your certification.  Please note that if you do not become certified within one year you may be asked to undertake the 2-day training again at less than half price (£250).








Please Select 1 Option that Applies to your Booking

You must have already completed an accredited Havening Techniques training event to select Option 3 or Option 4 above.

Course materials are provided along with snacks and refreshments in the breaks (lunch is not provided).

For details of the journey to become a certified practitioner, please see the Become A Certified Practitioner page.  


* If you are attending the training with a view to continuing on to be assessed for certification,

(i.e. You have selected Option 2 or Option 4 above), please enter relevant information regarding your

experience in the fields of mental health, wellbeing, coaching, personal development, first response, etc below.  

You Can Also Host Your Own Training 

If you would like to host a training event (live or online), please contact me on +44 (0)7779 749648 or send me an email: and we can discuss your requirements.  

Previous delegate's comments:

"In my life as a medical doctor I have attended many seminars and trainings.  This was one of the best trainings.  The way it was narrated and explained makes it most probably the best training I have ever had.  Everything was clearly explained and with very understandable graphics and PowerPoint supported.  Congratulations and many thanks for all the knowledge I have got in just 2 days."


"I was very excited about attending this course and was not disappointed.  It was well delivered, building the information in a very understandable way.  Regular reviews of info helped make it stick.  Demonstrations really good.  Nice relaxed learning environment.  Can't wait to start the case studies.  Thank you, absolutely fantastic."


"Attending as a refresher.  Really enjoyed the relaxed and personal training style.  Louise and Ian are a great team.  Very supportive environment.  Good learning!  Thank you."


"Wow!  I thought I had no need of healing but I was so wrong.  I feel like a new woman!  A huge thank you to Louise and Ian, what a very special couple, gentle, kind, patient, knowledgeable and wise.  I absolutely loved these two days, I leave a very smiley lady!"


"Great course, lots of very useful science and protocols.  Well balanced, trainer very aware of delegates needs and paced the 2 days with lots of support.  Looking forward to more!"


"A wonderful 2 days jam packed with information.  A great presentation - thanks Lou and Ian too.  Great demonstrations and thank you for the supportive and caring atmosphere too.  Brilliant all round, nothing needs changing, oh and good resources too."


"Wow!  What a fantastic couple of days.  My second attendance has proved to be extremely rewarding: it seemed the pennies kept dropping even further and my confidence has grown as I am much more relaxed applying the technique.  Lou and Ian are fantastic trainers - creating a safe and relaxing place for us all to experiment, share our learning and have fun."


"Definitely lots of gold stars.  Really good to re-visit the training days, relaxed, inclusive and conducive to a positive and encouraging learning environment."

"This is one of the best training sessions I have ever experienced.  A very relaxed presentation full of knowledge and amazing experiences.  I am sold, don't change anything!"


"Really enjoyed the whole weekend.  Louise made learning the content fun and manageable.  I felt comfortable and at ease in the training room.  Ian was great too!"

"Powerful and simple techniques delivered in a relaxed, fun way.  Good flexibility and consideration for delegates."

"Great course, great trainers, content and practical.  Rich with lots of science back up."


"Even though this was a repeat training it was a great experience with lovely people and trainers.  So glad I joined the group and also got different insights on various issues.

Louise McKay is a Certified Practitioner and Trainer of Havening Techniques.  Havening Techniques is a registered trademark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York. 


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